Our Services

Business Consulting


From executive coaching and advice to rolled-up sleeves teamwork, collaboration is at the heart of our business. We use a partnership approach to develop robust strategies. In transferring ownership of the solution, we empower your organization with the know-how for continuous growth and improvement. We can assist you with Mergers and Acquisitions, Growth Strategies, Transformation Strategy and Execution, Complex Change Management, and Global Outsourcing and Offshoring Models.


We believe there is a difference between a good idea, and an idea that is actionable. We deliver tangible solutions, helping your organization make credible arguments and good decisions backed by strong evidence. Our clients value our independence, clarity, pragmatism and honesty.


Our people have unparalleled market knowledge, across the entire value chain. To each and every challenge, we also bring relentless curiosity, senior business know-how and insights from other industry sectors. This horizontal thinking helps broaden horizons.

Board Advisement


We assist executives in framing proposed strategies for presentation to Boards. We dig deep to uncover potential risks, unintended consequences, and the overall feasibility of strategies.


We search out the right people to fill open Board positions. Our executive experience provides a vast network of contacts to recommend to you.


Our advisors put our know how to work for Boards, leveraging our executive expertise to evaluate proposed strategies and educate fellow Board members on the practicality and limitations of proposals.

Solution Partners

Coaching and Education

We ally with technology providers to help you better articulate your value proposition and how your products solve real business problems for real clients. We can teach solution partners the industry jargon, typical business issues, analytics, and best practices in approaching C-suite buyers. The result: increased sales effectiveness and improved products.

Facilitation and Contextualization

We facilitate bringing technology providers together with clients, matching technology solutions with real business needs. Meetings with potential customers become interactive problem-solving discussions rather than one-sided sales pitches and demonstrations.

Complex Solution Design

Solving a complex problem often requires multiple capabilities and components. We are masters at helping to put together partnerships that solve complicated problems with trusted solutions.