MCA’s Top 5 Series: Do You Have Confidence You Can Execute Your Strategy?

97% of financial services CEOs are confident in their strategies, and most spend significant time defining them against business priorities. Only 65% are confident in their organization’s ability to execute these strategies and achieve the desired outcome. Are you in the remaining 35%?

“Strategy without execution is just an idea.”

In our experience, based on the 300+ programs we have executed, we suggest you consider these five things to increase your confidence in managing program success and capital spend:

Avoid unintended consequences and out-of-control costs. Ask yourself, “Have I considered all the impacts on my entire value chain and staff?” This needs to happen before you start. 
Similarly, ensure you understand the entire project portfolio and combined interdependencies – not just your portion of the project. Far too often, organizations fail to understand the end-to-end impact on their organization and grind to a halt halfway through the project.

Ensure your organization is capable of executing before you begin. We advise that you do not undertake a project without knowing if you have the capability or capacity to execute it fully. Fix capability or capacity gaps first, then start your project. Want to increase your efficiency and better use capital? Don’t start projects that you know you can’t finish.

Know where you are starting from. If you factually baseline what is happening today, you can better understand the magnitude of change. Define success as a measurable outcome that aligns with your strategic goals – not “We launched XYZ product to the market by ABC date.” While that may be a component of your goal, you need to align all outcomes with your strategic goals and objectives to realize the success of any initiative.

“Always start with the end in mind. Adoption is critical.

Get to the source by addressing the root cause, not just the symptom. Are you able to execute your strategies in the way you envision? If not, understand precisely what’s causing the disconnect. Avoid looking at a symptom, such as, “My tech team is always over budget” or “We haven’t successfully launched a project on time in three years” without looking for the root cause of these breakdowns against the strategic objectives. Ensure you are doing the right projects in the right order and are solving the right problems.

Don’t underestimate the cost and effort to drive adoption and actual benefits realization. Our clients routinely struggle to include in their end-to-end plans the tasks, effort, and costs required to drive adoption. Think through what happens after the product is built or the technology is put into production and ensure this is properly accounted for in your business case and project plan. Said differently, make sure you incorporate the customer’s point of view into the project so that your efforts are closely correlated to your customer experience and product needs.

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About My Corporate Ally

My Corporate Ally is a practitioner-based firm primarily focused on the retirement industry space. Our industry experts deliver practical and actionable client solutions across multiple channels, operating models, and delivery types.

Built on the premise that client enablement leads to better customer outcomes, we provide organizations with the necessary tools to navigate complex challenges and transform their business model with proven methodologies. 

We encourage you to contact us today to find out how we can become your ally. Together, we will get you and your team further, faster, and with more confidence as you take your ideas from conception to implementation.

Barbara March, CEO

Barb is an entrepreneur with deep roots in the Financial Services industry, having extensive expertise leading global and domestic mutual fund, asset management and insurance companies, as well as global technology outsourcing firms.

She built and ran BridgePoint Group, a global strategic consulting firm which worked with over 50 global financial service industry providers. BridgePoint completed multiple major global transformations resulting in increases in both growth and scale. She sold the firm to TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2018.

She then built and led the TCS US retirement business. Her team designed next-generation software to support the US retirement market and leveraged the TCS global operating model for delivery.

Now as CEO of My Corporate Ally, Barb is bringing together industry experts to deliver MCA’s suite of practical, actionable solutions.

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Kim is a proven strategic leader with deep expertise leading large-scale, critical initiatives. She specializes in leading large programs to support change requiring technical enhancements to drive a superior client experience.

During her tenure with the company, she has led significant multi-million dollar engagements with global firms to launch programs and offers in heavily regulated industries. These large-scale initiatives required extensive technology enhancements and internal change management to ensure best-in-class client experiences.